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Anxiety and Aging


The prevalence of anxiety disorders among older adults is recorded to be as high as nineteen percent.  Although not diagnosed as frequently as depression, diagnoses of anxiety among elders are typically accompanied by depressive disorders, dementia and/or acquired physical disabilities.  Due to their high rate of comorbidity, anxiety symptoms are often overlooked or mistaken for other conditions.


Moreover, as we age, the odds of developing or acquiring a physical illness increase substantially.  According to data collected in 2010, 37.2% of people age 65 and older had been diagnosed with some form of heart disease; 25.9% had been diagnosed with diabetes; 17% had been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD); and 11% had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Dementia.  Having a co-occurring unmanaged anxiety or depressive disorder can worsen these medical conditions.  Therefore, having good mental health increases a person’s odds of being in good physical health. 


Located in Naples, Florida, The Mind Spa South is extending the concept of mental fitness to people who may be experiencing life changes common during the later stages of life:

    •    Loss and bereavement

    •    Adjusting to a mentally or physically disabling condition (e.g., Alzheimer's Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Stroke, etc.)

    •    Relocation to a Long Term Care facility

    •    Coping with a newly or previously diagnosed mental illness

    •    Caregiver Fatigue

    •    Remarriage


Dr. Lauren encourages individuals grappling with such challenges to reconnect with their core selves, while simultaneously giving them tools to help adapt to the present circumstances, so that they might integrate the past and present to redefine a healthy new self-image.   




What Patients Can Expect 


Prior to a first visit, just about everyone has preconceived notions and apprehensions about what it means to participate in psychotherapy.  The Mind Spa South is one such setting that prides itself on being a safe space for elders and their loved ones to receive emotional support.  Services are exclusively and discreetly provided in patients' private homes, luxury long term care residences, or The Mind Spa South office in Naples.  Beginning with the first meeting, Dr. Lauren takes time to educate patients about today’s mental health paradigm and what they can expect from the treatment process.  She strives to build a comfortable rapport with them that is characterized by an open dialogue, in which both she and her patients play active roles in treatment.


Services Offered (home and office visits available):

    •    Psychotherapy

    •    Neuropsychological Assessment

    •    Consultation​

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