Is Life Giving You a Headache?

  •  Many people who suffer from migraine headaches also struggle with anxiety, depression or other emotional distress.

  • Migraine patients are between two to five times more likely to experience symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Approximately 25% of migraine patients have depression, and about 50% have anxiety.

  • When depression and anxiety are worse, more migraines are likely.

  • The physical symptoms of anxiety and depression are often similar to those experienced with migraine (e.g., sleep disturbance, appetite changes, irritability, trouble concentrating and low energy).

  • Migraine patients with depression or anxiety have higher medical costs, are at increased risk for suicide, and have higher levels of disability than migraine patients without depression or anxiety. 

  • Headache treatments are less effective when depression or anxiety are left untreated.  

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