Expert Anxiety and Mood Disorder Treatment

Solutions for the Anxious Mind


With so much going on in today’s world, it’s easy to become emotionally overwhelmed and distressed.  We are constantly bombarded with concerns about our finances, health, job security, relationships, physical well-being and general safety.  For some people, mere concern quickly escalates into intense worry, and before they know it, it  has snowballed into overwhelming anxiety:    


    •    Insomnia

    •    Nightmares

    •    Panic attacks

    •    Uncontrollable worry

    •    Compulsive behaviors


Anxiety and other mood disorders can be debilitating and negatively affect a person’s daily routine, as well as his/her relationships with others. Anxiety results from uncertainty about what is going to happen in the future and a fear of not being in control.  It is also often accompanied by feelings of depression, shame, and incompetence.  Mind Spa clinicians provide a soothing environment where clients can develop the insight necessary to cope with uncontrollable circumstances and seemingly uncontrollable feelings.  By integrating mindfulness techniques and a cognitive-behavioral approach, clients are empowered with skills to tolerate the emotional discomfort that accompanies uncertainty, to adopt different, more positive perspectives of their situations, and to manage situations more proactively.

Comprehensive Services for Children,

Adults, and Families:

 •    Psychotherapy

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  •    Psychological Evaluations and Assessment

  •    Yoga and Meditation​

  •    Yoga Therapy​​

  •    Art Therapy

  •    Consultation and Coaching

Anxiety in Children and Adolescents


It’s common for children and adolescents to become stressed out too!  They may experience problems with peer pressure, bullying, academic achievement, self-confidence, athletic performance, physical health, parents’ divorce, as well as other family and/or peer relationships.  Sadly, fear of mass violence at school or other public venues has also become a reality for many young people.  However, while adults usually verbalize their concerns and/or experience some of the physical symptoms outlined in the preceding section, many children express their anxiety and worry about such issues differently.  For instance, they might demonstrate signs of: 


• Increased Irritability

• High Distractibility

• Behavior Problems at Home and/or School

• Frequent Outbursts and Tantrums

• Low Frustration Tolerance

• Tearfulness

• Avoidance of Friends and/or Family

• Loss of Interest in Hobbies

• Difficulty Staying on Task

• Impulsivity    


While these traits are symptoms often associated with clinical anxiety and other mood disorders, they can also be signs of other conditions like ADHD, Depression or a Cognitive Disorder.  Mind Spa clinicians work intensively with children, parents, teachers and other key figures to gain a thorough understanding of the presenting issue(s), accurately diagnose concerns, and provide the most effective treatment for each child and adolescent to become mentally fit.

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